Maternity Care

Experience total comfort on a pregnancy massage table while lying safely on your belly to prevent putting pressure on the abdomen during your massage at any month. Ease the tension throughout your joints, reduce fluid retention in your legs and arms, and enjoy an optional sea salt/olive oil belly massage to help prevent stretch marks. We work with mothers throughout their pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum recovery.

Certified Pregnancy Massage Therapist

Massage ~ Customized

All massages are customized based on your preferences and needs. Massages may be: “my first massage”, relaxation, pain relief, aromatherapy (therapeutic quality grade essential oils), maternity care (prenatal, postnatal, and more), hot stone, hot towel, dead sea salt scrub; to advanced techniques such as Core Release, Body Balancing, Sports, Orthopedic, Muscle Energy, Reflexology, Knot Removal, Lymph Drainage, Gait Assessment, Reiki, etc.

Hot stones, hot towels, Dead Sea salt scrub, and aromatherapy (therapeutic quality grade essential oils) may be incorporated into your massage to help transform your skeletal structure, gently lengthening short muscles and shortening long overstretched muscles to improve your muscular balance. Powerful anti-viral/bacterial essential oils come together with a full body massage to help your body fight the flu, bronchitis, stomach bugs, infection, etc.

The perfect blend of medical massage mixed with spa services for a total body restoration. Restore your body’s center of gravity, gait, symmetry, posture and alignment to help your body experience even wear and tear throughout all your joints, finally ending cycles of pain and tension from your head to your toes. This massage's intent is custom tailored to your specific needs which will also help to restore the stability to your spine, helping old injuries heal. With specific care taken to help slipped disks, herniated disks, impingements, back injuries, etc., ­. . . finally heal.

Spa Naps

Help manage your stress with a Spa Nap. Take some time out of your hectic, busy day to relax and unwind. Lay down fully clothed on a heated massage table while relaxing music is playing in the background and essential oils are diffused into the air.

Help feel refreshed and take on the rest of your day or night with a new outlook!

Add this onto your Customized Massage, or you can get this as a stand alone service.

Neck / Shoulder

This focus treatment to your neck and shoulders adds extra time where it's needed most. Deep soothing pressure relaxes away stresses and provides balance to the muscles around your neck vertebrae.

Restore the health to your shoulders today.

Add this onto your Customized Massage, or you can get this as a stand alone service.

Foot Treatment

Essential oil and dead sea salt exfoliates dry skin. Warm moist towels relax away stress and wash away the salt. A body butter and coconut oil mask hydrate your feet leaving them smooth and soft. Reflexology massage techniques are used with warm stones to relax your deepest foot muscles.

Add this onto your Customized Massage, or you can get this as a stand alone service.

Face / Sinus Soother

This gentle face massage relaxes tension from your temple, jaw and face muscles. Eucalyptus essential oil is massaged on the muscles over your sinuses to open your sinus pathways helping you breath. Melting tension away from your face renews your energies. This treatment is followed with a warm moist towel.

Add this onto your Customized Massage, or you can get this as a stand alone service.

The Emotion Code is a highly effective method of identifying and releasing trapped emotions.

Whenever a negative emotion is not properly processed and released, it becomes trapped in the body. These lodged emotions then wreak havoc causing everything from physical ailments, to psychological issues, and medical problems.

By releasing the trapped emotions, your body is able to heal itself properly, thus easing, or completely eliminating these problems.

Sessions have been effective with chronic pain and illnesses, as well as helping people who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and severe phobias. Practitioners have even worked with, and seen improvements in Autistic clients.

The Emotion Code works on people of all ages, and is also very effective with animals. Sessions can be done in person, through the use of a surrogate, or remotely from any distance.